Custom Printed Macaron Boxes

Custom Printed Macaron Boxes


Everyone loves macarons. Macarons come in different flavors and colors. We provide packaging solutions for macarons at wholesale prices. You can get custom printed macaron boxes in any size you need. You can also get custom macaron boxes with inserts that can hold up to 24 macarons in a box.


Everyone loves macarons. Macarons come in different flavors and colors. We provide packaging solutions for macarons at wholesale prices. You can get custom printed macaron boxes in any size you need. You can also get custom macaron boxes with inserts that can hold up to 24 macarons in a box. These cardboard macaron boxes are made with high quality cardstock material that allows customisation at every step.

Tribrid Packaging has a dedicated team that is always available to solve your packaging problems.

  • Custom insert option
  • High quality card stock


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