Seal End Boxes

Seal End Boxes



Booklets are important for brand recognition as they provide necessary information to the customers that eventually affect your decision making. Booklets come in different styles like booklets with glue binding, booklets with binding rings, or simply booklets with staples.


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    Choose from our range of custom seal end boxes, made from cardboard

    Our professional team of experts has been working in the field of custom cardboard packaging for number of years. We know exactly what retailers want from their boxes and what makes them so popular with end consumers. And that's why we have tailored our solutions to suit all your needs, from simple cardboard packaging, to highly-customized seal end boxes for retail products and much more.

    Seal end boxes for your products

    We use double tape for a reliable seal that is perfect for retail items. The two flaps at each end can be sealed using double tape. With our range of standard sized seal end boxes and custom sizes, you're sure to find a box that's perfect for your needs.

    Customized and designed with care

    Whether you're looking for an attractive or high-quality seal end box, we have the designs and skills to transform your ideas into beautifully crafted cardboard boxes. From design layout to production and packaging, we offer a wide range of reliable packaging options that are customized and designed with care.

    Design in your own way

    There's no limit when it comes to customizing our designs - we have time-saving templates that make things easier than ever! We’ve got the colors, the design, and even the wording you need to create your perfect custom seal end box!

    Quality, you can trust

    Tribrid offers a range of products that are designed to be quality-driven. We take pride in our ability to offer a wide range of wholesale prices as well as our commitment to customer satisfaction.

    Perfect fit for your product

    We provide custom-made seal end boxes that can suit your product's needs even if they are not within our portfolio. Please contact us if you need a box with a particular size, thickness or shape.

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