CBD Tuck Boxes

CBD Tuck Boxes


CBD industry is vast and essential in this modern world. There are a number of CBD products such as tincture bottles, hemp oils, gummies etc. All these products require a cost effective yet reliable packaging solution. We provide CBD tuck boxes in straight tuck style or reverse tuck style. Wholesale CBD tuck boxes come with number of printing options. You can also get your logo foiled or can get an option of raised ink.

At Tribrid Packaging, we offer card stock of various thicknesses. Our professional team can assist you in choosing the right material for your boxes. We also have an in-house graphics team that can assist you in artwork creation.


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    Custom CBD Packaging

    The first CBD tuck box designed with your needs in mind. We offer a wide range of printing options that allow you to customize your CBD tuck box.

    CBD Tuck Box is a reliable and cost-effective solution that enables you to package your CBD product in a way which is safe and convenient. With our high quality paper, you can be sure that your CBD product will not only arrive safe and sound, but will also stay fresh for a long time.

    All your CBD tuck boxes needs in one place

    We provide a variety of packaging solutions for CBD products such as tincture bottles, hemp oils, gummies etc. It’s important that you get the perfect solution for your product as it will make all the difference in creating an amazing brand image. We offer tuck boxes in straight tuck or reverse tuck style and come with a number of printing options to suit your business needs.

    Customization is our thing

    We offer a wide range of options to suit your needs. From foil printing, die-cutting, and raised ink options, we have it all. Want to get your logo foil-printed on your box? Or maybe you want a new design with raised ink - we can do that too! Our experienced team is able to work with you on every step in the process to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

    Your packaging design doesn't stop there! We also offer tuck box sizes and other custom options that are sure to make your product stand out from the rest.

    Innovative branding and design

    Our team of designers have put together a complete range of custom-made designs which can be tailored to suit each business or product. This will help make your brand stand out from the rest and make people want to buy from you! Plus our design team are on hand if you need any help furthering your brand image or just want some inspiration! Our designers are experts in graphic design and branding. They have perfect creative vision for your products and will help you make your brand feel unique to you.

    Quality, Customization & Flexibility

    We offer wholesale CBD tuck boxes in straight tuck style or reverse tuck style and provide the best quality possible at an affordable price point. With our high level of customization and flexibility you can find the perfect packaging solution for your company.

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