Custom Hang Tab Boxes

Custom Hang Tab boxes

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Our Custom Hang Tab Boxes have proven to be an excellent addition to our current packaging solutions arsenal. It provides its user the option to hang his products by occupying much lesser space than the traditional packaging solutions. Furthermore, Die-cut and PVC window options will also help its user to display their products in a more effective manner. Users who want to make their products more visible, hang tab boxes are a perfect packaging solution for them. 

At Tribrid Packaging, we have an experienced team of individuals who look forward to entertaining you from its design, manufacturing and shipping till its delivered to your doorstep.

  • Lamination options available
  • Different stock options available


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    Hang your products in style, with our Custom Hang Tab Boxes

    Tribrid Packaging provides custom cardboard packaging solutions to the retail and food service industries. We produce customized hang tab boxes for your products like you've never seen before. They are uniquely created to fit the needs of your product and will be delivered as per your requirements.

    Hang Tab Boxes offer a number of benefits. The boxes can be easily packed, unlike traditional packaging methods. More importantly, the boxes are more secure, safer to transport, and more hygienic. This packaging option allows for the width and depth of a product to be accommodated by making use of hangers that are attached to the lid.

    Customizable options

    Hang Tab Boxes provide a customizable option that allows companies to hang their products by occupying much lesser space than traditional packaging solutions. Furthermore, die-cut and PVC window options will also help its user take advantage of the added benefits of these customized boxes.

    Hang tab boxes give storage solutions a new twist with their bright and colorful design. We offer these boxes that can also be customized to any color, size, or message-- meaning they're an excellent marketing tool to fulfill your advertising needs.

    Customized, one-of-a-kind solutions

    We have years of experience in producing customized solutions that are tailored specifically to meet the needs of your brand. With our vast array of options, we ensure you're receiving the perfect fit for your product. And if you're looking for a different option, let us know!

    The best quality: Affordable solutions

    With our state-of-the-art equipment, we guarantee all of our custom packaging solutions are created with cutting edge machinery that meets all international safety standards. Each order is produced at high speed and delivered on schedule — so you don't have to compromise on quality or value.

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